Our special offer for Rijeka’s favourite season

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Everyone knows that there are four seasons, but Rijeka has a fifth one – the Rijeka Carnival.

In just under a month there will be masquerades galore, starting with the Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant and “coronation”, when carnival-goers will “officially” take over the city. The first order of business for the new government will be to have as many masquerades and concerts as possible, hold some quite unique sporting events, such as the snowboard competition by the sea or the rallying event in which the participants don costumes and so do their vehicles, organise parties in the squares, as well as a few charity events, culminating in the Children’s and International carnival parade.

Also, Submarine restoraurant in Rijeka has a special  and fantastic – Carneval burger.

So – be whatever you want to be! Try our burger and enjoy 😉

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