Submarine is on the list of 50 best burgers in the world!

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Submarine Burger has made the list of the 50 best burgers in the wolrd which was compiled by Big 7 readers, as result from votes across their community of 1.5 million people on social media and by a panel of food experts.

„They focus on super quality organic ingredients here, which you can taste in the end product. There’s a huge variety in the toppings and meats you can order, meaning you might never have the same burger twice,” writes Big 7.

Submarine is the only Croatian burger brand included in the list of the 50 best burgers in the world.

“Investing in knowledge, new technologies and strengthening team management has paid off. We are extremely proud of this recognition and once again congratulations to all members of the Submarine team!”, said Dragoljub Božović, founder and CEO of Submarine.

You can defiantly expect a lot more from Submarine, we have a lot more to do and more will be heard about us 🙂

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