More than burgers: Keeping it local

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Have you ever wondered what a burger would taste like without a salad? We believe you didn’t even try. The fresh, crunchy, and delicious salad leaves and Submarine burgers are telling a beautiful, mouthwatering story! You should not make a philosophy out of it. It is what it is. The salad is the salad. But through years of experience, we have found the perfect variety and made it even more delicious. So, what is the result? The tasty and crunchy bite, no brainer!

Our friends, Fragaria company, recognized our desire to mix local production and trends in gastronomy and spice it up with a little love. Fragaria Stribor salads are the result of the efforts of local people who got up before dawn to pick the fruits of nature by hand. In order to provide its original taste, we do not settle for less than top-quality fresh salad.

The salad is delivered to our restaurants immediately after harvesting, washing, and cutting into pieces by the team from Fragaria. Fresh without a doubt! Our and your crunchy love!


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