We should celebrate love every day, but this week to the fullest!

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February is full of changes, but thankfully, we are not! This year, we are giving you extra love and care, because you deserved it! You’ve already seen our surprise No.1! Just at the right time for Valentine’s day, we launched our Choco Vegan surprise, our vegan & guilt-free cake! Made of love, but also Indian cashew, dates, vanilla, and coconut ingredients, our magical dessert is just the introduction to the love month!

Indeed, love goes through the stomach, and there is no better way to celebrate love in Submarine restaurants. We celebrate love every day, but something special is happening on Valentine’s day. We prepared a surprise for our guests, but we did not forget about our delivery customers. Delivery lovers,  we are giving you hint: Prepare some pencil or pen ?

We are looking forward to seeing you in our restaurants, enjoying our gourmet mouth watering burgers and french fries. Just for the sake of Valentine’s Day, share your fries with your loved ones. Visit us, create some social media content, do not forget to tag us with #SubmarineVday, and don’t forget: Sharing is caring!

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