Wear your mismatched colorful socks and support the little ones!

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We raised
of the targeted 24 000 KN
  • Socially responsible business is written in Submarine’s DNK and the numerous humanitarian actions are there for proof. This year in March, the Submarine team continued to do the same. Once again, we launched socks selling campaign, designed by the Submarine creative team in collaboration with Croatian artsy socks brand Dogma.

March is the Down syndrome awareness month, and by wearing mismatched socks we are emphasizing the support and understanding of adults and children with  Down syndrome. They need special treatment because they are in specific rehabilitation and learning program.

By buying Submarine mismatched socks you are supporting directly Croatian Down Syndrome Community. Also, they will receive the whole profit from socks selling. The profit in total will be spent on art and music workshops for the young ones, counting 60 workshops in total, supporting more than 250 kids with Down Syndrome.

„We are more than welcome to receive any form of help, but this one, supported by our Submarine friends, is special and dear to us and our Community. Children with Down Syndrome are giving us selfless love, those hugs are unforgettable and we believe that our Submarine friends also recognize that. The kids’ workshops are really helpful. Those are the funds we would not be able to raise by ourselves. This is a good opportunity to thank everyone connected to our humanitarian action and the ones who will buy the socks. Your donation will mean a lot to our kids,“, said Dinka Vukovic, the president of the Croatian Down Syndrome Community.

„Once again, we are so proud for giving us a chance to be part of this wonderful humanitarian action. This year, we put all of our effort to create the top quality, Made in Croatia socks. Also, to create cheerful and colorful socks, because World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated by wearing mismatched socks full of colors“, told us Morena Makar, from Dogma sock.

„We are so glad that this year, once again, to be able to launch the humanitarian action by selling socks in March, in the right time to focus our mind on everyday struggles of people with Down Syndrome. One year after another this humanitarian action is getting bigger and we are proud to announce that our socks will be available in other Croatian Submarine locations beside Zagreb. You will be able to find them in Split, Zadar, and Rijeka also!“ concluded Luka Jureško, Submarine COO.

Please be ready to buy your pair of socks ASAP! The socks number is limited so hurry up

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