Nice to meet you, Beyond Meat!

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Sending the warm welcome in our family to the most amazing vegan product ever – Beyond Meat. If you didn’t hear about the most famous plant-based on earth, you are probably an alien. Joke aside, we are super proud that Submarine Vegan burgers from now on have one more option besides our vegan patty.

But, what’s the fuss with the  Beyond Meat patty and why does it taste so good? For chefs all around the world, this product is a game-changer. When you cook Beyond Meat, you cook it like real meat! You are not missing anything in that patty. The juice is there, the flavor is there, and the spices are there! Less additives, more meat! Source of protein, but no cholesterol!

If the vegan and plant-based life is your no-brainer decision, this is the meat for you. Try it out in our Italian Vegan, Avocado Vegan, Superfood Vegan, Original Vegan!

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