Could you believe that? We just opened our 15th restaurant!

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Summer is supposed to be a relaxing period of the year, but not for us! We just opened another one Submarine City Center East! Their Food Court is now fulfilled by presenting your number one casual dining choice! Refreshment lovers would love our new terrace and our 10 AM to 10 PM working hours as well. Our menu is the same. Burgers are tasty per usual, french fries are fresh and salads are crispy as you want!

After finishing your clothes, gadgets, perfumes, and so on purchase in a famous Croatian shopping mall, it’s time to reset and enjoy our delicacies. Feel free to check why are we the only non-technological company on the Financial Times’ list of 1000 fastest-growing companies in 2021.

Now, let’s do some math… This is our 10th restaurant in the Croatian capital Zagreb and the 15th restaurant in Croatia. We keep on going with our well-known recipe. Our ingredients are homemade, locally made, and without artificial substances. We are proud of our “home-to-table” ingredients formula and quality control of every piece in our cuisine. We are here for you because you are here for us! Submarine is us, Submarine is people!

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