We are serving you the mixture of shopping and food experience, once again in Zagreb!

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One shopping mall restaurant address is done, a lot more to go! Hello Supernova Garden Mall, we are so happy to be part of your awesome shopping community! When there is fun, sports, food, families, and a lot of laughs, Submarine is there. This is our second shopping mall restaurant in Zagreb after the first recently opened in City Center one East. But, there is more to come!

The perfect mixture of coziness and modernity you will get by stepping into our Supernova Garden Mall restaurant. You already know the drill: Tasty gourmet burgers, delicious fries, crispy salad, mouthwatering desserts, and some incredible vegan options. Now with extra juiciness, you are welcome! Besides plant-based patties, our new thing is Beyond Meat, a delicious GMO-free, artificial colors-free, vegan-approved patty.

Feel free to visit us at Rudolf Kolak Street 14, grab your family and friends, and experience the shopping day as you deserve!

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