Hot challenge you did not expected to happen!

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We’ve come to the end of the second Submarine x Volim Ljuto Competition and some amazing things have happened! There were tears, there was sweat, wet towels, beer and milk, it was really hot, hellish and unpredictable until the very end. We even introduced the 6th round of the competition, which means that our 11 competitors were in shape because we predicted “only” 5 peppery rounds.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Our winner this year is a man who doesn’t shed tears, who even after the 4th round of angry sliders says it’s fine, Mr. Ilija Vasić! Ilija deservedly won first place, stoically enduring all the hotter and hotter burgers.

The third round was fatal. Of the eleven contestants, the big four remained, after the fourth round we were left with 3 candidates and we announced the winner of the 3rd prize – Mihael Mihajlović, and in the 6th round of the competition we had Ilija and Ignac Faber. After Ignac took the first bite, he handed over the victory to angry ninja Ilija and secured himself second place.

We want to thank our friends from Volim ljuto for their support and the most peppery sauces, but after the competition, the thing will get spicier! To refresh your memory, take a look at our last year’s November special offer on our social media profiles! More coming up…

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