Hot, hotter… the hottest? Submarine!

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Did you think that after the Hot Competition our spicy story was over? You were wrong because it was just a prelude to a very hot autumn and winter!

We don’t need to introduce this star, but we will anyway – Hot Mamma is with us again! Yes, you heard right!

The wickedly spicy burger for which you sign a disclaimer served with goggles and gloves and, even with the milk (which we’ll gladly give you), contains a double dose of locally raised beef, fresh lettuce, smoked homemade bacon, grilled smoked cheese, and BBQ mayo sauce and one special, insanely hot addition. It’s a special, powered by Volim ljuto sauce made from hot Carolina Reaper peppers. They are, as you know, the hottest pepper in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

These hot peppers contain as many as 1,569,300 Scoville units, which is a standardized measure of hotness. In numbers, this sounds even more challenging… Indeed, it can’t get any spicier than this.

But don’t worry, if you’re a fan of hot, but Hot Mamma is still too big a bite for you, Submarine hot offer will soon extend by Hot Mamma’s younger brothers – Hells sliders!

For those who tolerate spicy to a milder degree, we have prepared 3 mini versions of Smokehouse with a different type of Volim ljuto sauce of different intensities. In order, they are sliders with the mildest, Hot Portugal Mash Volim ljuto sauce. Then, there is a burger with Fatali sauce, while the last mini Smokehouse is reserved for the bravest. The Trinidad Scorpion mash sauce is hot and spicy, and the brave tasters who eat it all are ready for Hot Mamma too, we are convinced!

Hells Sliders are part of the current offer and can be ordered exclusively in our restaurants, while Hot Mamma is also available in restaurants, but only on Mondays. So, pay attention to the dates, visit us and check if you are our hot ninja!

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