Submarine is the best restaurant in Croatia, Wolt app users declare

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Users of the food delivery app Wolt declared Submarine burger the best restaurant in Croatia. This award comes at the best time for Submarine, since we’re currently expanding our business beyond the borders of Croatia and proving that Croatia can offer a top restaurant concept, based on a selection of organic and local ingredients.

The award should not come as a surprise, because Submarine is already included in the top 50 burger restaurants on the world map, and the fact that Submarine’s chain of restaurants is currently the fastest expanding also supports this. In a very short time, we have become the crucial player in Croatia when it comes to burgers, but also the idea of ​​fast casual dining, where you can enjoy the entire Submarine experience, from top-quality food to interior design and music. This is something that won over Submarine guests.

“We received numerous awards, but the direct award from our guests has a special place for us. Our effort and desire to use the highest quality local ingredients have been recognized. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the users of Wolt for recognizing us as the best restaurant, it is only an incentive for us to work hard and be even better… A special thanks also goes to our colleagues, without whom none of this would be possible.” said Luka Jureško, COO of Submarine Burger.

Wolt is a digital delivery application that has over 800,000 downloads in Croatia alone, and its users have awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals to restaurants. Wolt Awards 2023 once again proved that Croatian users of the application appreciate restaurants that guarantee fresh ingredients from local family businesses and that Submarine is the gold standard for them.

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