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Does Submarine use 100% organic and homemade ingredients?

Submarine does not use 100% organic and homemade foods. However, mostly of them, or 99% of our ingredients, come from controlled and local fields.  Some groceries are simply impossible to find in the local area, but if we have the option – we choose local associates.

Where can I find information about allergens?

Allergens are listed on the website with each product. In restaurants, please contact the staff, who will give you a complete book of allergens.

Do you accept cards?

We accept all cards.

Do you have vegetarian / vegan meals?

Vegan dishes are marked on the menu – vegean burgers and sliders.


Do you have gluten free food?

We have gluten in all our products.

How can I order delivery?

Delivery can be ordered via Glovo application. For larger deliveries you can also contact us via email: info@submarineburger.com.

Can I pick up an order?

Of course, takeout orders can be picked up  from each restaurant, or you can order a takeaway via the Wolt app.

Do you organize catering?

So far we have organized several successful private and business  events…  For details and offer, contact us by email: info@submarineburger.com.


Fresh and organic, natural and wholesome food from trusted carefully picked local suppliers.

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