Submarine Burger and RED NOSES Clowndoctors bring joy to hospitals

Beside the tastiest and healthiest burgers in the city there is another reason to visit the Submarine Burger Restaurants.

During 2017, a collaboration with the Red Noses – Clown Doctors International continued, following a successful last year’s humanitarian action in which Submarine donated 32,230 kn.

The funds were donated from the sale of “Happy Burger”, designed by the famous chef Deniz Zembo for the Submarine exclusively.

This year, this valuable cooperation continues in a slightly revised edition, with the collection of funds from the sale of three types of deserts.

Red Noses provide psychosocial support to people who are ill, primarily children in hospitals, with humor and joy. From regular hospital visits in children’s wards in Zagreb, this project has spread to other major cities in Croatia (Rijeka and Osijek) and is now firmly established, nationally recognized and well-respected by the general public.

If our donation causes a smile from just one person, we feel that we have achieved success.

We are happy to know that our guests have recognized this project as a joint effort to help the clown doctors association and their efforts to cheer up as many children as possible.