Dear women, happy International women’s day!

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International Women’s Day was launched as an initiative for equality. Here at Submarine, we love to celebrate it because it reminds us of the beauty of women’s uniqueness. It’s also a friendly reminder of how much we appreciate and love them!

On this occasion, on Wednesday, March 8, all women guests of our restaurants will be gifted a flower. Of course, we also give out flowers to all of our dear female employees. There are many beautiful flowers, as well as beautiful women, and for this occasion, we’ve chosen pansies in a jar because we want them to continue growing even after Women’s Day. Each flower is unique, special, and delicate but has strong roots, just like our female guests and employees.

In addition to this gesture, on Women’s Day, we launched a creative contest on Submarine burger’s Facebook and Instagram profiles. In the contest, we’re celebrating female strength and power. So we asked our female followers which woman from their lives inspires them, brings a smile to their face, lifts them up when they are feeling down… We asked them to tell us the story that connected them. The stories that leave the strongest impression on us, we will reward with dinner at Submarine. We wish all women to continue enjoying their company and laughing together, this time here at Submarine over a diner. What more do you need than the company of your beautiful friend?


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